Homer’s Book Corner

The Greek Wives Club is mad about reading and we love coming across new/old authors who are either Greek themselves or write about Greek-related topics.

Each month we will be choosing a book to promote on our front page with links to the author’s website. The book will also go on our Goodreads List and if you have written a number of books and are willing to help us network we will consider featuring you in our author section. See here for an example.

Once we have read your book we will also post reviews on your Amazon/Goodreads link to help you on your literary journey to best-seller success! Of course in order for us to read your book we do ask that if you would like to be featured, you kindly send us either a free kindle link or a copy of the book in the post.

A free book = automatic entry onto our Goodreads List and you will be featured in our Book of the Month section at some point – we will let you know which month.

Currently we have four literary sections: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children’s Books and Travel. Featured authors listed in each section are in alphabetical order so there is no favouritism.

Please feel free to contact us for more details!


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