In 2012, The Greek Wives Club was founded by showbiz-dabbling, half-Greek writer, actress and author Ekaterina Botziou, after she herself married into a Greek Cypriot family and published her first book Greek Expectations: The Last Moussaka Standing.

Inspired and frustrated by the madness of her own Big Fat semi-Greek life, Ekaterina decided to chronicle her Hellenic dramas on a blog and set up her website Ekaterina’s Greek Expectations. What started out as a hobby soon became a platform for the expression of her literary, philosophical and social goals and her posts about her Greek life and experiences within the showbiz industry began to attract a solid following of fellow writers, artists, film‐makers, actors, Greeks and non‐Greeks.

Encouraged by the reader response, Ekaterina went on to establish a Facebook group called The Greek Wives Club. The concept of the page was based on one of Ekaterina’s favorite comedies, The First Wives Club and the idea was to create a space for women to meet and post comical stories about their lives. The initiative soon grew into something of a community page about living with cultural differences, about family support and comical themes about life. It was also meant to act as another platform for Ekaterina’s blog and short stories; but she began using it to promote other bloggers and authors who wrote about relevant themes.

After members expressed a desire for merchandise with the club logo on it, Ekaterina set up The Greek Wives Club store  and designed a range of products including aprons, mugs, notebooks, T‐shirts and other accessories all adorned with the club’s logo and quotes from Ekaterina’s daily‐in‐the‐life Greek adventures.

As the club gains more and more followers, Ekaterina’s aim now is to reach out and show support to women, other clubs, groups, restaurants, writers, artists and communities all over the world who want to share anything related to life amongst the Greek community.

Her official author/actor website can be found at www.ekaterinabotziou.com

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